Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Presidential Response?

Ha, hardly.

See below what the Director of Correspondence for Obama for America sent me in response to my blog post last week, and my subsequent reply for a good laugh. Please note, that I do not expect that and "Executive Order" to refinance home loans will happen, but, man would that be a statement that the Government is "for the people" and that "businesses are not people." Also note, that while Obama's lackeys have responded via form letter, GMAC, Representative Flake, and Senators Kyl and McCain have chosen to simply not reply at all (at least I know where I stand with them).

I do feel that a disclaimer is in order, I work for a brokerage firm, because of certain policies I am choosing to not disclose which firm that is, however, I do feel it is important to note that the firm that I work for has not applied for, nor received any Federal bailout money associated with the current financial crisis (that I am aware of), nor have they been involved in any of the sub-prime mortgage fiasco (again, that I am aware of), I am proud of these facts, they make it possible for me to bridge the gap between how I feel politically and who I happen to be employed by. I do still feel extremely conflicted speaking out about what I see as a huge imbalance in representation within our Government that has been created by the convergence of corporate money and political contributions.

All said, the bottom line is that the home loan industry created the real estate market bubble and subsequent crash. The foreclosure crisis that has ensued is the primary driver of our current economic trouble. Despite this, both political parties continue to play games with the livelihood of the poverty stricken and middle class while enriching the corporate elite. Instead of bailing out the people, the government has bailed out the banking industry. Interesting that while that industry has recovered, the "trickling down" of relief has yet to reach the shores of the working man.


Thank you for contacting President Obama, and for sharing this material with us. President Obama is touched by the outpouring of interest and grassroots support this campaign has generated.
There is a lot of work to do, and we're glad to have the benefit of your ideas. The President knows well that Washington does not have a monopoly on good ideas, and neither does he. That is why it's important to hear from everyone, and we appreciate your input.
Please bookmark and visit often. We've built a set of easy-to-use web tools that empower you. At you can do the following: - Build your own profile and connect with supporters near you- Find or create your own local or national group- Create your own personal fundraising page - Find events near you and plan your own.
Thank you again for contacting President Obama.
Allison Belville
Director of Correspondence
Obama for America
And my reply:
Dear Allison,
Thank you for the prefabricated form reply.
Obviously, you did not read my blog post nor forward along my story to the President or you would have probably guessed that no reply would have been better than this one. I was not writing to commend nor offer my support of your campaign. I did write my blog post as a cry to the powers that be to intervene in a way that they have not done to this day regarding the economic and housing crisis that is currently facing this country.

Although I do agree that the President (and Washington DC in general) do not have a monopoly on good ideas, I would take it even a step further, and say that no one on Capital Hill would know a good idea if it magically wrote itself out from the pen in any of their hands. Additionally, I would suggest that beyond not having any good ideas that the only ideas that spring forth from the devious minds of politicians are the ones that maintain the Corporate vice-like grip on the American Dream.

Instead of governing from a place of cowardice, I would suggest that the President sign a Presidential Order that forces these crooked banks to renegotiate the principle of all current real-estate loans to the current fair market value on those loans, anything short of that is nothing more than smiling glad-handing inspired by nothing more than a desire to keep the Corporate political donations coming and keep the middle class and poor in their place, which is firmly under the boot of the corporate elite.

I suppose I should make it known (because maybe votes are something you folks are still interested in) that I do not intend to vote for any politician who is not willing to force the ones responsible for this economic nightmare to share in the recovery from it. I voted for President Obama hoping for change, honesty and an open government. Instead, I got lip service, ridicule, and my house is going to be taken from me.

Thank you again, for absolutely nothing,

Jory Dan Johnson
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